2011-06-17 17:14:57 by rasteexXxuss

PlaxXxebuss (Dennis) Here. Telling you who does what and what does who. Who-da-what-ha. Ha. Okay, well first... I do the rhythym and lead. Not to mention drums. Rasteezus (Taylor) does the bass and compositing.

Geez. I might be a little bit delayed as I knew how to use FL for about 7 years but I never actually started anything. Well. It's probably because the fact that dubstep is pretty new. SHNEE. I guess i'm not even talking about dubstep here. More like... CLUBSTEP. I have much more music on my soundcloud and my youtube.

YOUTUBE: inhaler?feature=mhee

Being in a variable state of noobness, I has mutch mutch moar to lern. I gotta lern2DJ. I'm very concentrated on the fact that my music is much better than the original crap I posted as originally PlaxXxebuss but I changed and I must get better. If it weren't for Rasteezus I would have been totally creamed and gotten nowhere. So thanks Rasteezus. The only thing that makes me get better is being better. And thus I will do. WATCH AND LEARN. SHNEE.


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