2011-06-23 01:37:46 by rasteexXxuss

PlaxXxebuss is wondering why we're getting such low scores. Need help, we guess, then help, we fix! here's fb page. FB PAGE


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2011-06-23 08:10:22

There are people who just vote zero on any song they see without listening. They do this for the fun of it, or to allow their songs to beat the scores. You can't blame them totally though. Besides, artist with a big fanbase often can easily combat these zero'ers, so it's just a matter of building up your fanbase.

Anyway, it's true that your songs aren't really getting the scores they should be getting, but I think you, like most musicians here, still have room to improve. (Actually, all of us do, whether we are commercial music producers or people who make music as a hobby.) People rarely vote a 5 unless the song is phenomenal. Think, if your songs are ipod-worthy, it will get its much deserved 4.xx scores, as well as plenty of downloads.

rasteexXxuss responds:

Well thanks you're critical and hypothetical. Yet devotional. And motivational. Thank you for the positive moral support!